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90 Day Dry Eye Treatment Plan

30 Day Guarantee
We recommend you our 90 Day Dry Eye Treatment Plan below, which includes a combination of the latest therapeutic preservative- free dry eye products recommended by leading eye specialists plus dietary and lifestyle changes together with a simple eye exercise guaranteed to effectively manage and provide dry eye treatments, Leicester . The treatment will also control Blepharitis (eye lid inflammation) and Meibomium Gland Dysfunction that is commonly linked with Dry Eye Syndrome.

The combination of the 6 daily steps below will produce a positive effect on both quantity and quality of all 3 layers of your tear film, improve the ‘dynamic-balance & interaction’ between all 3 of your tear layers, improve tear film stability and alleviate the inflammatory effects to both your cornea and eyelids that occur in untreated dry eye leaving your eyes feeling fresher, cooler, more comfortable and looking whiter and brighter.

Recent studies show over 30% of the population suffer from dry eyes, particularly the over 60’s and menopausal women. Our daily 6 step, 90 day treatment regime has been clinically proven to help over 75% of patients with dry eye or keratoconjunctivitis and we guarantee you’ll start seeing positive results within 30 days. For more information about a dry eyes cure, Leicester, please call us on 01509 414151.

Step 1: Heat and Massage

Eye Doctor Eye Mask

Eye Bag
  • Apply the Eye Mask every evening to your closed eyes for 10 minutes and then massage you eye lids as instructed

Step 2: Cleanse your lids and lashes

Blephaclean Wipes

Blephaclean Wipes
  • Cleanse your lids and lashes every evening after your eye mask treatment and massage. Open the blephaclean preservative wipe, tear one wipe into two and clean away the oils and debris from your upper and lower eyelids and lashes following your eye mask and massage treatment

Step 3: Apply the Eye Drops Below as Advised

Thealoz Eye Drops

Clinitas Soothe Eye Drops

Thealoz Eye DropsClinitas Soothe

  • Apply Clinitas Soothe drops last thing at night after heat treatment, massage and cleansing. Use 1 – 2 drops in each eye. Apply same drop 1st thing in the morning. Use the same resealable vial
  • Apply Thealoz a minimum of 4 times every day

Step 4: Take Omega 3 and Omega 6

Lagard Lacrima

Lagard Lacrima
  • Take 2 capsules a day with food and water

Step 5: Make The Following Lifestyle Changes

  • Drink 7 glasses of water per day including 2 glasses in the morning on waking (empty stomach)
  • Reduce your weekly alcohol intake to zero or reduce by a minimum of 50%
  • Reduce your daily cigarette smoking to zero or reduce by a minimum of 50%
  • Reduce your intake of breakfast cereals and processed bread by 50%

Step 6: Complete The Following Blinking Exercises

10 times throughout the day with a minimum of 10 complete blinks as described below:

Your eyes should be closed slowly and gently, as if you were closing them to fall sleep. Do not screw up your eyes, but ensure they are gently but fully closed – keep the eyes closed for 3 secs and then re-open your eyes. Repeat this correct blink process 10 times and repeat this process a further 10 times throughout the day. The exercises can be performed with or without contact lenses, but not while engaged in situations requiring concentrated attention such as reading or driving.

You’re Done!

You should make an effort to incorporate your plan into your daily routine, so it becomes a ritual much the same as brushing your teeth. You should use the plan with a balanced diet including 7 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

Our Complete 90 Dry Eye Treatment Programme with all recommended products you need every day for 3 months with FREE UK delivery.

Product Quantity Price
1 x Eye doctor 1 x £19.95 £19.95
3 x Blephaclean Wipes 3 x £7.99 £23.97
2 x Lagad Lacrima Capsules 2 x £13.50 £27.00
3 x Clinitas Soothe Drops 3 x £6.95 £20.85
3 x Thealoze Drops 3 x £12.50 £37.50
Special Price Order Now – £129
3 Monthly Payments Order Now – £43

30 Day Guarantee

Better feeling eyes in 30 days or your money back! The feedback we have had from our 90 day plan in our practice from hundreds of patients is so positive and is the only reason why we are so confident to make this offer to you. If you genuinely don’t notice a difference on how your eyes feels after following our plan for just 30 days, simply return all the unused products within 40 days of the date of original receipt and we will refund your purchase price (ex P&P). You owe it for your eyes to take this next step and see and feel the difference.

To download this plan please click here.

Measuring Your Success

We advise all our patients to complete the following questionnaires before starting your 90 day treatment plan.

Download and complete the 3 PDF’s below to help you with your routine and gauge your success;