Are You Suffering From Dry Eyes in the Morning?

Are you suffering from dry eyes in the morning? Experiencing dry, red, sore and itchy eyes is unpleasant at what ever time of the day it happens and it’s a common problem, especially for people as they get older.

You might assume that Dry Eye Syndrome is particularly bad towards the end of the day, because your eyes have been open for a long time leaving them exposed to irritants and, especially if you’re a contact lens wearer, it might be easy to see why they have dried out.

But many people complain of sore and itchy eyes in the morning as soon as they wake up and there are several reasons why this might happen.

Why you get dry eyes in the morning

If you’re waking up with sore, red eyes, that leave you looking like you’ve been crying, you might be wondering why you get dry eyes in the morning.

As we know, tear production is a process which helps to lubricate and clean the eye, but while our eyes are closed at night the quality and quantity of those tears can be lacking.

You may also be suffering from a certain eye condition which is worsened at night while your eyes are closed, such as blepharitis – where the irritating toxins produced by the condition lie on your closed eye all night.

It may even be that you’re allergic to something in your bedroom, such as a feather pillow, which is irritating your eyes while you sleep, in the same way that hayfever does.

Treatment for morning dry eyes

Whatever the cause, dry eyes are never pleasant, so you’ll be pleased to know that there is an effective treatment for morning dry eyes available.

Choose from our range of lubricating drops and sprays which you can apply to your eyes in the evening before you go to bed, to help protect your eyes from drying out as you sleep. Or, if you require any help or advice, why not fill out our online form or give us a call?

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