What is the Best Treatment for Dry Eyes?

If you’re suffering with dry, irritated or gritty feeling eyes? You may be suffering with Dry Eyes. This can leave your eyes feeling very sore and can make contact lense wear particularly uncomfortable. There are many different treatments available to combat the irritating effects of Dry Eyes, but what is the best treatment for Dry Eyes?


Dry Eye Treatments

There are varying treatments for Dry Eyes, each with different results, depending on the severity of your condition;

  • Eye Bag/Mask – (heated then placed over the eyes to stimulate tear ducts)
  • Eye Drops
  • Eye Mist/Spray
  • Dietary Supplement Capsules to Encourage Quality Tear Production.
  • Eye Ointments

At Dry Eyes Treatment, we generally recommend our 90 Day Dry Eye Treatment Plan. This 3 month package includes a combination of the latest therapeutic, preservative free Dry Eye Treatment products, recommended by leading eye specialists.

Furthermore, the 90 day treatment plan helps control Blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) and Meibomian Gland Dysfunction – two side effects that are commonly linked with Dry Eye Syndrome.


Why is our 90 Day Dry Eye Treatment Plan the Best Treatment for Dry Eyes and what does it involve?


treatment plan


  1. Heat and Massage the eye area using the relaxing Eye Doctor Eye Mask to stimulate tear ducts.
  2. Cleanse Eye Area with Blephaclean Wipes
  3. Use a combination of Preservative Free Eye Drops and Ointments at different times during the day.
  4. Take Dietary Supplements on a daily basis to encourage quality tear production.
  5. Carry out some simple Lifestyle Changes – drink more water, reduce alcohol/cigarettes/bread and processed cereals.
  6. Regular Blinking Exercises – as instructed.

For a one off fee of £129, (plus FREE UK delivery), Dry Eyes Treatment supply all products mentioned above, as well as in depth guidance and any further help or advice needed.


Money Back Guarantee on our 90 Day Dry Eyes Treatment Plan


We are so confident that our 90 Day Dry Eye Treatment Plan is the best treatment for dry eyes, we offer a money back guarantee if you do not feel that it is helping combat the symptoms of Dry Eyes.

If you genuinely don’t notice a difference on how your eyes feel after following our Treatment Plan for just 30 days, simply return all unused products within 40 days of the original receipt and we will refund your purchase price.


Expert Treatment for Dry Eyes


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